Cutting Edge Technology

FSI North America® offers unique, cutting edge products to the WMD, Mass Casualty, Gross Decon, Life Safety, Hazmat, Hospital, EMS, Fatality Management, Fire Fighting, Police/Sheriff, Security, and Military markets.


USA Owned and operated

FSI North America® has proudly served the life safety market since 1997 as a woman owned small business enterprise, wholly owned and operated in the United States.

FSI Community Assistance

FSI® follows a corporate mandate that extends to all products offered – superior products at reasonable prices. FSI® is also committed to assisting the community and country, and so we proudly employ Special Vocational Schools for the handicapped to assist us in partial fabrication and final assembly of certain products such as backboards, head immobilizers, and more.

FSI Outreach

FSI® markets all products through an established and growing distribution network and so welcomes new Distributor and Manufacturer Representative inquiries. All products are available through GSA Contract Holders, Prime Vendors, and Authorized FSI® Distributors. All FSI products are Commercially Available Off The Shelf (COTS). 

Our mission

The world today is a difficult and dangerous place with outbreaks such as Ebola and Middle East respiratory syndrome, or MERS (a SARS like virus), and the many human conflict flashpoints that can involve both traditional and non-traditional chemical attacks. When coupled with potential terrorist attacks, industrial incidents, natural disasters, and day over day Fire/EMS/Medical incidents, the need for FSI is clear.

FSI North America is a company that has dedicated itself and its resources toward offering among the world’s largest offering of leading edge technology products for just these types of situations. 

Recent fsi blog Posts

An Introduction To Gross Decontamination

What is Gross Decontamination? As defined by the Journal of Emergency Medical Services, Gross Decontamination is “the physical process of immediately reducing contamination on patients in potentially life-threatening situations with or without formally establishing a decontamination corridor”. Gross Decontamination is

Industry Leading Technology.

DAT® Series Gross Decon Showers.

Designed to perform.

FSI North America® offers the industry's widest range of gross decontamination showers and shelters. FSI offers customization on demand with multiple configuration options - because we know when lives are at stake, one size does not fit all.

heavy duty. fsi.

Heavy duty air berms offer the industry's highest wind handling capability of over 70 mph when unit is properly tied off and staked down.


rugged construction.

All FSI Gross Decon showers are made with the same tough and rugged 0.9 mm 1100 Dtex Air Berm fabric that has been used and proven over 20 years in FSI Rescue Boats worldwide. 

Ease of use.

All FSI Gross Decon showers, curtains, and pools are fully self contained and integral to unit. Simply inflate in seconds, plug shower into water source, and begin use. 

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