What if?

“Viruses aren’t sporting. They will not refrain from kicking you just because another virus ‘COVID-19’ has already knocked you to the floor. And pandemics are capricious.”*

“We haven’t found a way to predict when a new one will arrive, says Nídia Trovão, a virologist at the National Institutes of Health. As new diseases emerge at a quickening pace, the only certainty is that pandemics are inevitable. So it is only a matter of time before two emerge at once.”*

So – what if a major hurricane hits FL, and a major fire hits the NW, at the same time as 2 pandemics are raging?  Sounds impossible – but is it?  An average year produces 12 named storms of which 6 become hurricanes and 3 become major hurricanes. By mid to late summer significant wildland fire potential well above normal is forecast in the NW USA.   In China researchers have just discovered and named a new type of swine flu called G4 – they say it poses no “immediate global health threat.”**

How do you feel about the way the world and indeed the USA has handled COVID-19?  Do you think we are ready for a second outbreak of COVID-19 while the first one depletes all resources and patience?  What about a hurricane and/or a fire of all this.  For good measure let’s have a chemical weapons terrorist attack on a major city or 2 at the same time – why not kick us while we are down.

As always we could go on – but why.  The Green New Deal may seem like a great way to save the world and spend Trillions of your tax payer dollars – but there has to be a world to save.  The only way to do that is to over prepare for the very worst that can and apparently will happen.  Ensure the First Responders have the tools they need to give their very best.  Stock up on PPE, Alternative Care Sites/mobile field hospitals, Isolation Chambers/Rooms/Shelters, Decon Shower Systems, Far UVC 222nm Disinfection Chambers, Medical Field Cots, Ventilators, and so on.   AND – keep these items current at all times – no more expired and non-functional equipment.


*     https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2020/07/double-pandemic-covid-flu/614152/


**  CNN.com Jessie young June 30, 2020