FSI North America® F-ECC Series Propane Water Heater. Available to ship immediately from FSI®.

The F-ECC75WH is a liquid propane, portable wheeled, 3 gpm/180 GPH (12 liters/720 mph), 75,000 BTU tankless water heater unit complete; includes an electronic ignition powered by 2 “D” cell batteries; ideal operating range 20~80 PSI; may also be used with modified water systems such as a 12-volt pump; approx. 48 lbs./22 Kg w. cart, adjustable temperature controls, 13” L X 15”W X 40” H/33 X 38 X 101 cm; 20 Minute automatic safety shutoff timer; includes 1 cart – 1 Stainless steel rain cap – 1 Garden hose adapter – 1 CSA regulator for use with standard 20-pound (lb.)propane tank – 1 Chrome shower head w. stainlesssteel hose; Energy Factor rating 79%; Rated heat input: 20kw; Rated gas pressure: 11″ of water column; Drain and store when not in use; Functional to 5,000’ elevation; Can increase water temp. by approx. 38 degrees; 3/4” gas and water fittings w. Shut offs included; Water heater alone is 17.5 lbs and 15” W X 35” L X 6.5” D. Available to ship immediately from FSI®.

The F-ECC150WH Water Heating System replaces the 5 gallon per minute F-Z100WH, and is a portable wheeled, 150,000+ BTU propane powered unit (propane tank not included), 65 LBS./30Kg w. cart.10” D X 16” W X 40” H (25 X 40 X 101 cm), approx. Approx. 6.0 gpm/360 gallons per hour (24 lpm/1,440 lph) of heated water FSI does not recommend for use with other than the smaller DAT® series showers such as the DAT®1010S/2020S/2525S/2626S. Available to ship immediately from FSI®.

F-ECC75WH & F-ECC150WH Literature.pdf
F-ECC75WH & F-ECC150WH Operator's Manual.pdf