Gross Decontamination for all Hospital First Responders

A Critical Component to Maintaining the Operability of the Medical Response System during pandemics.


Report to your hospital/medical center/other. Before entering the facility, in a private shelter/other, remove all clothing and jewelry and place in an ID bag or locker assigned to you.

Dress in your assigned scrubs/other for your shift

Enter the ‘Hot Zone’ for your shift.  Work Safely.

Your shift is over – now it’s time to think of your family and your own safety.

Every hospital has – or should have – portable hazmat decon shower systems – have them set up and in use.

Enter Mass Casualty Gross Decon Shower* as set up per hazmat decon protocols – likely located near the emergency room entrance.

In the initial undress area, dispose of dirty clothes/scrubs through the Disposal/HVAC ductwork into an overpack disposal drum.

Enter the Shower area and shower in privacy for modesty/to stay out of the weather and the view of the public or press.

Enter the redress area of the mass casualty decon shower and claim your clothes and belongings – dress and safely go home.

*FSI offers among the largest offering of portable hazmat mass casualty 4 stage decon showers systems inclusive of 1 Line mass casualty DAT2525S, 2 Line DAT3030S and DAT3535S, 3 Line DAT3060S, 4 Line DAt4070S, and 5 Line DAT4099S.   

FSI Showers per ANSI #113 Standards offer a fine water drenching mist WITHOUT high pressure force that can push carcinogens further into sensitive or damaged skin.

These are FSI recommendations only – follow all protocols as developed by your department/county/state.

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