Think anyone listened?

A BLOG now about the reality facing the entire world with COVID-19 seems a waste of print since the mere ‘Googling’ of “COVID-19” or “Coronavirus” will lead to dozens of articles and reports that are as recent as 5 minutes ago.

Rather let’s try to put this matter in context.  The loss of even one life is awful and we mourn with the families.  While this virus is nasty and is slowly spreading around the world, it seems to have a very low mortality rate and so mankind will overcome this one – likely within a few more months.

BUT – what about the next time – what if the next virus is far far worse.  The only way to be even remotely ready is for every country to budget and spend the money to stock pile critical care items (and replace them when expiry dates come and go) that experience has taught us will be needed.  Such items include N95 masks, disposable clothing, Chemical suits, Mobile Field Hospitals, Isolation Shelters/Chambers/Rooms, Decon Shower Systems, and so on.

BUT – will this happen?  Congress is talking about releasing real money to fight the current crisis  – but will it dry up with the end of COVID-19.  Sadly such funds have always disappeared once the Press coverage wanes and the disaster passes.


Mark Conron