DAT4099S- COMPLETE AIR INFLATABLE/PNEUMATIC MASS CASUALTY DECON SHOWER SYSTEM - High Capacity 5 line 3 or 4 stage Mass Casualty Decontamination Shower System.  Includes 1 DAT4099S shower, 2 FSI Heat 200A water heaters, 2 FSI HEAT 201 detergent injectors, 1 F-HSP hand sprayer, 3 F-GH hoses, 1 F-GH503510 hose system, 2 F-RS16 conveyors, 2 F-MX1 spine boards, 5 F-1225-0500-STL stringable lights, 1 F-WSP33AA waste pump, 30 F-TDMSPC elevation grids, 1 F-MMU156 1.5" NST X 6 3/4" GHT outlet multi manifold, 1 F-HD600BT bladder tank, 1 F-HD300BT bladder tank, 1 F-GS4 tarp.  Multiple Options avail., FSI reserves right to sub. products as needed that equal/exceed spec.


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