FSI® Rescue Boats

FSI Rescue BoatFSI® has been offering an extensive array of transom and center console Rescue Boats of all sizes since 1997. While these inflatable rescue craft can be and often are purchased and used as tenders by all manner of end users, it is rescue brigades worldwide that FSI® targets. For that reason FSI® boats utilize the thickest gauge, heaviest duty air berm fabric on the market today by a factor of 30 % or more - all to be able to stand up to impacts, sharp objects, rough landings, and extremely heavy use.winter-rescue-boat-0107


FSI® further targets the rescue market by offering a keel design that ensures the fastest on plane, sharpest cornering, most responsive and best handling rescue boat on the market.

If you are looking for one tough rescue boat contact FSI® for a list of authorized distributors worldwide that can assist you with a price quote.